How to Play

Fish For Cash

Fish For Cash is a game of chance The moment you enter your game code and click PLAY GAME the system randomly selects a result which is logged in your play history. The corresponding play then loads on your screen for you to watch as an animation.

Fish For Cash game codes are found on the outside of all BPF rolls.

With Fish For Cash you can win instant cash and prizes. All prizes are added automatically to your online account and once you have won enough, you can redeem them for Cash or Product vouchers.

You cannot change the outcome of your game after you have clicked PLAY GAME.


Gamecodes are printed on all of these BPF products

Booty Rewards

Booty Rewards are in addition to Fish For Cash.

Every time you play Fish For Cash you get a chance to select a Booty Icon from 5 treasure chests. Your Booty is stored automatically in your online account.

What can I do with my Booty Icons?

Trade on the Booty Market

Trading your Booty items on the Booty Market helps you collect five of the same type of Booty.

Once you have 5 of the same Booty you can:
- Swap Booty for more Fish For Cash gamecodes.
- Enter the $1000 Monthly Giveaway


$1000 Giveaway

Each month we give away ten cash prozes of $100. To enter, all you need to do is swap five of the same booty items for a chance to win The more entries you have, the more chances of winning.

To enter select the Booty you have collected and then an SPCA or animal shelter of your choice.

Once the bar under the SPCA Branch is full we'll donate another Butch roll.

The winners are randomly selected each month and the winnings added automatically to the winners account and displayed on the Latest winners page.