Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us directly, please read through the list of the most common queries we receive and solutions about how to fix them.

As many of our confirmation emails were being blocked due to Spam filtering we are no longer sending confirmation emails. The results of your winning game codes are listed on your Account page (after Logging In).

To redeem your prize, click CLAIM prize.

Once claimed your prize will be posted to you within 30 days.
If you haven’t received your prize within this time period, contact us by logging in and opening a support ticket.
You do not need to post anything in to claim your prize.
To claim your prize, Log in then go to your Claim prizes page.
If your balance is great enoughyou will be able to click on the buttons to claim your Cash or Product voucher prize.
Once claimed your prize will be processed and posted within 30 days.
If it has been over 35 days since you claimed your prize, please contact us.


The most common reasons for not receiving your registration confirmation email are:
Entering your email address incorrectly when you register
Your SPAM filtering system has automatically deleted the email


1. Please try registering again, being careful to enter your email address correctly. If you are uncertain whether this is the problem, send yourself an email. If you receive your own test email you will know that your email address is correct and working.

2. Read the following tips on making sure your ISP's SPAM filtering is not removing emails.


Spam has become a big problem. And now the solutions are causing problems too! Some people haven't been getting our emails. We recommend you take your junk mail folder regularly to see if any emails you want are getting blocked.

If you use Hotmail

You need to add to your Hotmail Safe List. Your Safe List can be accessed from the left hand side of your Contacts page:

1. Go to Hotmail and login to your account
2. Click the "Contacts" tab at the top of the page
3. Click "Safe List" on the lower left-hand side
4. Enter "" and click "Add"

This is completely safe, and you can remove from this list at any time.

If you use other email providers

Most email providers now have a junk mail or spam folder. You should check this folder regularly to ensure that email from isn’t being put here rather than your Inbox.

You should also add to your contacts list or safe list to ensure that emails from are not blocked.

Most emails are sent from and

If you are unable to read part of the gamecode on your wrapper, then we will send you a replacement. You'll need to type as much as you can read of your gamecode the expiry date and type of roll.

Each request is reviewed on a case by case basis and a new gamecode will be allocated to your account.

Get a Replaement code


Our system will log you into the website for 20 mins while you play FFC. If your computer is inactive for over 20 mins you will be required to log in again.

We have had some issues with players using browsers other than Internet Exporer. Please use IE 4 or above to play Fish For Cash.

Accessing the gamepage from a "Favourites Link" or "History Link" on your browser may create a time-out error. Please always go to to login to the site.

Some Internet cafes do not allow sessions to persist on their computers. Sorry but we can't do much about this.

If none of these answer your question, then please log in and open a support ticket with us

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