Booty Rewards

Every time you play a Fish For Cash gamecode you get a second chance to win.

There are 18 different Booty items to collect and trade.

Simply pick from one of 5 treasure chests to reveal your random Booty token inside.

The winning Booty item gets added to your account.

What can i do with my Booty?

Collect & Trade Booty

Once you have 5 of the same Booty items you can swap them for free gamecodes or enter the Monethly $100 giveaway.

In the Booty Market you can see what Booty is up for grabs and trade your unwanted Booty with others until you have 5 of the same.

Enter the $1000 Giveaway

It's a win for your local SPCA or Animal shelter and could be a $100 win for you!

Donate dog and cat food to the SPCA of your choice by swapping any 5 of the same Booty items an go into the monthly draw to win $100 worth of cash. The more entries the more chances of winning.